Together, with the help of our diverse online community, we identify and illuminate stories of hope, courage and love. Stories that galvanize and mobilize. Stories that encourage and enable small, simple contributions that have a sizable impact on the lives of children—one dollar, one volunteer, one click, one cause at a time.

What we do

Through our online and personal communities, philanthropic partners, schools, churches, grass roots organizations and social media nominations, we work to identify THREE under-funded, lesser known, underdog youth programs, activists, and organizations annually to generate broader awareness, bolster fundraising, and mobilize volunteers to help transform lives.

How we do it

3 times a year, a new story, hand-picked from community submissions by Taj, TJ and Taryll—will be disseminated through social media outlets, viral sharing, video and grassroots efforts—accompanied by a 3-part plan for participation and involvement—based on a 3T-modeled program:
TIME (volunteerism) THOUGHT (education) TENDER (fundraise)
On a parallel path, we provide a digital/social outlet for children/adults/survivors to tell their own, related stories of fear, doubt, pain, loss, hope and courage— connecting over the featured issue and providing a means for others to feel less alone—and more hopeful about their futures. Weekly, social media Giveback Suggestions offer a roadmap for small, related charitable acts that are meaningful yet achievable. Ways to be a part of the conversation and, most importantly, the solution.


If you would like to nominate a person, community program, or organization that is helping children in need and deserves our spotlight, please tell us their story: